Family Ministries- check in survey

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Family Ministries is going into the Fall of 2018 stronger than ever. Since our Listening Session in November of 2017 the staff and the Education and Spiritual Development Sub Committee have worked to make ministry at SMCC more suitable for your needs as a family. Let's keep the conversation going!

Join us in the Courtyard Sunday August 19, for our Back to Sundae School (yes there will be Sundaes) showcase. We can't wait to begin this new school year!
Children's Ministries (Skip down for Student Ministries)

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Sunday School has listened to families!

-We have a well established check-in system for Sunday School and will implement that in our mid-week programs.

-Storytelling is all together and dramatic!

-More training for Sunday School teachers!

-Streamlined Curriculum for Sunday School!

-Clearer communication for parents!

-Do this at home faith equipping for families!

-No more sugar in Sunday School

-We kept the grade level classes and the special class for learning about their third grade bible!
Student Ministries

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Student Ministries has listened to families!

-We have maintained a weekly high school group.

-We created new small groups for middle schoolers!

-We are launching a 6th grade during worship small group!

-We have more students involved on a Sunday morning (from worship leading to tech team to ushering) than ever before!

-Our big events like Overnighters and Mission Weekends have reached record numbers!

-Our adult leadership going into 2018 school year has doubled so that we can better connect with more students (we still need more).

-We've maintained a high quality content in all our programs.

-We have reached record numbers in worship when students lead (such as mission weekend Sunday, Graduation Sunday, and Confirmation Sunday).


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