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Being a Student Ministries Leader

Overview: The Student Ministries Leader (adults) helps the student ministry team by ...

developing relationships with the students, modeling an authentic Christian faith, and teaching them the essentials of following Christ.

Description and Responsibilities:

-Build relationships with teens by being a regular part of their lives & building a relationship of care by listening.
-Set dates of leading with other leaders according to a schedule so that a leader each week is ensured.

-Review curriculum and provide for its implementation.

-In consultation with the Associate Pastor for Family Ministries and the Student Ministries director, curriculum will be evaluated, chosen, and implemented in the classroom. (Curriculum options will be provided. The lead small group leaders will implement the simple curriculum along with highs and lows each week).

-Pray for the students, this only deepens the leader’s trust in God, the familiarity with the students, and this intentionality will be felt by the students.

-Attend leadership trainings, the trainings will provide information, encouragement, trouble-shooting, curriculum review, training and prayer.

-Regular communication with the student ministry staff.

-Information about any special victories, concerns or challenges being faced by the students and his or her family should be shared as often as reasonable.

-Attend worship yourself! We are encouraging students to attend worship and we have found that one of the main ways for a teen to come to church is to be invited and have a connection with someone they know. Though that isn’t always their small group leader but it can also be other members in their small group.

***Above and Beyond:
An average of 15 minutes each week should be invested developing relationships with students outside of small group. (e.g. attending students events at school, texts, e-mails, birthday, Easter, Christmas cards).

Teams to Serve On
6th Grade Sunday School girls & boys together (during 9am Worship)
6th Grade Girls Group
7th/8th Grade Girls Group
6th Grade Guys Group
7th/8th Grade Boys
9th Grade Confirmation Mentor
Middle School Group - Wednesday Evenings at 6:00
High School Group - Wednesday Evenings at 7:00

Time Commitment: 1.5 hours per week in group, plus 1 hour per week in preparation, 1 hour a week for worship

Special Talents, Skills Preferred: A love of learning; a willingness to teach others; a general knowledge of the bible and issues of faith, we will provide a full curriculum.

Spiritual Gifts: Any of the following: Discernment, Leadership, Teaching, and Hospitality

Resources and Training Provided:
Attend volunteer training August 18th, 9-1pm and 3 more mid year trainings.
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